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Sunday, March 22, 2009

And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden (and celebrating my fourth blogoversary)

It's that time of year again when the Frederick Meijer Garden has its "Butterflies are Blooming" program. The butterflies aren't easy to photograph so I usually see it as a chance to take pictures of flowers. This year was a nice surprise for me in that I got the best butterfly pictures I ever have. Here is the entire set.

This was over by the coat room.

So was this.

We have one that's similar to this. It's really dangerous. Those spikes can puncture skin very easily.

This is one of the pitcher plants. It thought it was cool.

This is just the beginning of the many orchids.


They also have some springtime plants.



I liked this fountain.

This devil's tongue plant was really interesting.

They're huge.


If you look at this on Flickr in the large size you can see the detail.

More orchids.

This one has a face.



The birds are constantly on the move, so the picture's slightly blurred.

If you look at this one in the large size you can see the brightly colored birds at the feeding dish. One of these days I'm going to get a camera that does better with zoom.

Another butterfly that has good detail.

This one worked fairly well, too.

Golden shrimp plant to the left in this one.

This is the very best butterfly picture I've ever taken. I'm proud of this one.

I just realized, as I looked at the date on this post, that this is my fourth blogoversary. How appropriate that I'd be posting pictures of flowers.

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Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Those a fab-a-lous!

But, um, the pitcher plant? It kinda looks like a...um...*whispering* a va-jay-jay!

Sun Mar 22, 08:20:00 PM  
Blogger Squirl said...

Bucky, I wouldn't advise putting anything in there, though...

Sun Mar 22, 08:22:00 PM  
Blogger SME said...

Some of those flowers scare me a little, especially the Devil's Tongue. Good name for it!

The butterfly in that last pic is so gorgeous! I've never seen one with those amazing colours.

Mon Mar 23, 02:42:00 AM  
Blogger Squirl said...

Hi, SME, yes, the devil's tongue is kind of intimidating. Thanks, I don't remember what kind of butterfly that one is. I'll see if I can find the brochure.

Mon Mar 23, 06:54:00 AM  
Blogger Ern said...

Happy Blogiversary! Beautiful pictures. I love the orchids.

Mon Mar 23, 09:55:00 AM  
Blogger Squirl said...

Thanks, Ern!

Mon Mar 23, 09:58:00 AM  
Blogger tshsmom said...

Happy Blogiversary, mine's in a couple of weeks.

That Devil's Tongue is definitely interesting, but ugly. It might be useful for scaring away unwanted callers. ;)

Congrats on the butterfly pics! They like to fold up their wings, or skitter off, the moment the shutter clicks.

Mon Mar 23, 03:04:00 PM  
Blogger chia said...

Does reaching four years of age mean I can start calling it a big girl blog? Or is there a such thing as like blog years where it's really aging 7 years for every one? And like does it have like one of those fairy blogmothers that in the event of peril she will step in and nurture it as though it were her own with the same values and ideals as the blog birth mother? And like, since it's underaged and all, should Bucky really be pointing out its va-jay-jay and all? I think that's only legal in Arkansas.

Tue Mar 24, 03:33:00 AM  
Blogger Squirl said...

Thanks, tshsmom. I'd forgotten how close our blogoversaries are.

Chia, you're silly. ;-p

Tue Mar 24, 08:59:00 PM  
Blogger Jenski said...

Happy blogoversary!

That last picture IS great. The butterfly is amazing!

Tue Mar 24, 09:57:00 PM  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Wed Mar 25, 03:00:00 PM  
Blogger here today, gone tomorrow said...

Happy Blogoversary, Squirl!

I love these photos!

Thu Mar 26, 08:55:00 PM  
Blogger Squirl said...

Jenski, thanks!!!

Tweety, thank you. :-)

htgt, thanks so much. :-)

Thu Mar 26, 09:09:00 PM  
Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Wonderful, delightful, beautiful photographs! Your photography is always impressive, as you you, dear Squirl!

Happy (belated) blogoversary!!!!!!!!!!

Fri Mar 27, 01:10:00 PM  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

You are most welcome. One of these days I need to get out to out Local Batanical Garden with the girls or even Jeff. I have tomorrow off I wonder if they are open yet for the season..

Fri Mar 27, 07:33:00 PM  
Blogger Squirl said...

Nick, I'm so glad you could make it over and that you enjoyed the pictures. Hope you're feeling well. Thanks!

Tweety, I hope you can get to the Botanical Garden and get some pictures.

Fri Mar 27, 08:10:00 PM  
Blogger Danielle said...

These are just terrific! You know, each time you go there, your photos get better and better. You've got mad skillz. :-)

And as you can imagine, the orchids are my favorites. But the butterflies are pretty awesome too.

Happy Blogoversary - I'm so glad you have kept with it.

Sun Mar 29, 01:41:00 PM  
Blogger von Krankipantzen said...

Happy 4th Blogday!

Those shots are incredible. The last butterfly is truly stunning. Just wow!

Sun Mar 29, 11:25:00 PM  
Blogger Squirl said...

Danielle, thanks!! I can't resist the orchids. But the butterfly pictures were a special treat for me this year.

Kranki, thanks!

Wed Apr 01, 08:28:00 PM  
Anonymous Courtney said...

Do you know what type of butterfly is in the last photo? I think that's one of the prettiest butterflies I've ever seen.

Fri Apr 03, 04:03:00 PM  
Blogger Karen from Mentor said...

Great pictures!
I loved loved loved (did I say loved) the orchid with the face.
Karen :)

Tue Jun 09, 09:46:00 PM  
Blogger Karen from Mentor said...

Ms. Squirl,
I have been using your photo of the orchid with the face as my laptop background since I found it here.
It makes me grin every time I see it. Such a cool capture. Nature is a wondrous thing. And it certainly has a sense of humor.

May I use your photo for nefarious reasons on my blog? Actually it would be used to have people caption it...not toooo nefarious....but they will certainly enjoy it!!!!!

If so, please email me. I will give you FULL credit for the photo.
Karen :)

Fri Jun 19, 04:37:00 AM  
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